Yayasan Solemen Indonesia (‘Solemen’), Bali’s trusted and highly respected Indonesian non-profit foundation was established in October 2010 hand as been endorsed by the Vice-Governor of Bali as well as the Bali Government Tourism Office.

Solemen assists people living with Disabilities, Mental Health Disorders and Acute or Chronic Illnesses and their families throughout Bali. Solemen assesses and addresses immediate challenges, develop sustainable plans based on individual family needs and engage with local communities for their support to optimize outcomes.

The charity’s goal is to alleviate the misery of extreme poverty by bringing hope and sustainable solutions to those out of the public view who do not have easy access to medical treatment. Solemen actively reaches people who are not helped by existing networks of charities and government programs. The Solemen Outreach team currently manage over 2,000 people under their care.

You can help with donations, not just in monetary terms, but also food, clothing, mobility/disability aids, sponsorship and more.

Due to current circumstances, Solemen can no longer afford to fund vital food for their weekly distribution to hundreds of families, many of whom have already lost their jobs.

You can help by providing much needed dried food and especially soap to keep up their daily distribution to the villages. You will literally be helping to keep people alive.

If you can deliver to the Solemen Centre (contact and address below) it would help enormously and help them to continue to save lives in Bali. They can also collect from you.

JL Merdeka Raya No.8x, Kuta
Badung, Bali 80361

Phone: 0812 3720 6220




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