With the scarcity of disinfectant supplies and its raw materials, the Bali Police together with Udayana University is now creating disinfectants and hand sanitizers from a traditional Balinese alcohol (arak Bali).

Head of the Bali Regional Police, Police Inspector General Peter Golose stated that he had provided as much as 3,000 liters of arak Bali to be examined and extracted into 96% pure alcohol according to WHO health standards, by utilizing equipment in the laboratory of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Udayana University.

“If the disinfectant produced meets the standards, it will be used first in the Bali Regional Police and the Udayana University environments. This hand sanitizer and disinfectant liquid will then be used for the people of Bali,” said Golose.

It is hoped that this form of cooperation in the manufacture of disinfectant fluids and hand sanitizers that is safe and in accordance with WHO standards, can help the Government overcome supply shortages and can maximize services to the community.

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