The Bali Covid-19 Handling Task Force Chief Dewa Made Indra announced six patients with confirmed cases of Covid-19 have recovered. There are now 10 patients with confirmed cases of Covid-19 who have recovered in the province of Bali. “Today there is good news in that 6 people have recovered so that brings the total of recovered people to 10 people,” Dewa Indra said in a press conference.

Dewa Indra stated that of the 10 patients who recovered, two were foreign citizens and eight Indonesian citizens. The recovery of the six patients gives hope to all those who struggle to deal with the Covid-19 virus; that the disease can be cured.

The key, said Dewa Indra, is discipline in maintaining health and following quarantine procedures. According to Dewa Indra, two of the six patients who were declared recovered had just been announced as confirmed Covid-19 cases. “So, these two people tested positive and recovered at the same time,”



On behalf of the Government of the Province of Bali, the Covid-19 Countermeasure Task Force reports updates of Covid-19 countermeasures in Bali.

1. For case growths up to today, suspected cases total 157 people (increased by 2 Indonesian nationals). 136 out of 157 tested samples resulted in 111 negative and 25 positive results. There are 14 negative and 6 positive results from Indonesian nationals. Today, 6 people have recovered (5 Indonesians and 1 foreign citizen). Total recovered cases include 10 people (8 Indonesians and 2 foreign citizens). The additional 6 positive cases are Indonesian nationals and not from local transmission, but were infected when they travelled to other provinces.

2. Increasing recoveries from Covid-19 is evidence this disease can be cured. The keys are discipline to take care of our health and follow quarantine procedures. What should come to our attention is the fact that 6 additional patients were confirmed as recovered and just 2 announced as confirmed cases. The recovered and confirmed cases are announced in the same time.

The reason for this is that confirming positive results requires time and detailed procedures. Although results of sample tests at the Sanglah Hospital may test positive, they must be sent to a recommended laboratory in Jakarta. However, the Regional Government is allowed to announce negative results. If while waiting for the Jakarta laboratory test results, the suspect has recovered, this becomes the reason for announcing positive and recovered cases at the same time.

3. Being aware of the growth of Covid-19 in the province of Bali, we ask all the community to continue their prevention measures, including social distancing, limiting outside activities, cancelling attractions and events that involve crowds and implementing a clean, healthy lifestyle by washing your hands using soap and running water. Furthermore, communities are advised to wear face masks when they have to go outside. If people follow all those protocols responsibly, we hope the confirmed cases will not increase and more patients will recover. The keys are discipline and personal awareness for people to take care of their own health and safety, their families and others.

source: Pemprov Bali Facebook Page

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