Udayana University Hospital in Jimbaran, Badung Regency is officially operating; specializing in handling coronavirus infections (Covid-19) for the Province of Bali.

“With the operation of a dedicated hospital for handling Covid-19 patients, we will not be accepting general and Social Security (BPJS) patients, and services at the Polyclinic have also been halted,” said Director of the Unud Hospital, Dewa Putu Gede Purwa Samatra, in Badung, Tuesday (7/4) as reported.

At present there are 12 isolation rooms at Udayana University Hospital ready to be used to treat patients. Dewa said that officials are targeting an additional 25 isolation rooms to be ready next week.

“Even though today the hospital is officially specifically handling Covid-19 cases, we continue to make preparations because we do not know how cases may escalate going forward. Hopefully with current projections, the isolation space shall be sufficient,” he said.

The hospital has dedicated 35 specialist doctors and around 80 nurses to handle patients. Additional assistance in the form of 23 nurses from the Bali Provincial Health Office.

“Assistance nurses from the Provincial Health Service numbering 23 people will begin working tomorrow; today they will begin arriving at accommodations provided in the Kuta area,” Dewa said.

Dewa elaborated that after officially commencing to operate as a hospital specifically handling Covid-19, that officials have also prepared a Covid-19 Hospital Post (Posko) located in Building 1 of Udayana University Hospital. For patients who have symptoms similar to Covid-19 or have just returned from areas exposed to Covid-19, from both domestic and abroad, or people who have had close contact with confirmed cases of Covid-19 can be examined at this Post.

Concerned parties shall follow a process of first registering in the front lobby before the yellow zone area, then an initial inspection will be carried out by the duty doctor on duty.

“If they need to be hospitalized, we will take them to the isolation room in Building 3. If required, rapid tests and swab test will be performed. If the results are positive, they are immediately isolated in the prepared isolation room,” he said.

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