President Jokowi has warned of the potential for a second wave of Covid-19 in Indonesia following the number of migrant workers or migrant workers returning.

He explained that currently there were 89 thousand migrant workers who had returned. The number is expected to continue to grow.

“Maybe there will be 16 thousand people who will come,” Jokowi said when opening a Limited Cabinet Meeting via teleconference from Bogor Palace, West Java, today, Monday, May 4, 2020.

According to President Jokowi, these conditions need to be handled and guarded properly in the field.

“Don’t let the second wave (Covid-19) appear.”

So Jokowi ordered his ranks to closely monitor Covid-19 to prevent potential spread, both in migrant worker clusters, congregation worship groups, homecoming seepage clusters, to industrial clusters.

Jokowi also reminded the ministers to ascertain whether the industries that were allowed to operate had carried out strict health protocols.

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