The Indonesian government says the number of patients treated at the Covid-19 referral hospitals continues to decline. This can be seen from the large number of beds open in Covid19 referral hospitals.

“The latest development, referral hospitals designated by the Ministry of Health have experienced a very significant decline,” said Chairman of the Covid-19 Task Force, Doni Monardo, in a press conference broadcast on the Indonesian Cabinet Secretariat YouTube channel on Monday (11/5).

Doni said the decrease in the number of patients undergoing treatment showed an increasing number of patients recovering. He hopes that the downward trend will continue.

“This shows that the number of patients recovering is increasing; new patients being treated are decreasing. If we can maintain this we can automatically reduce the numbers of our families seriously and chronically ill” he said.

The following data shows the number of patients currently being treated at referral hospitals:

1. Fatmawati Hospital: 22 patients out of 84 beds
2. Mintoharjo Hospital: 18 patients out of 55 beds
3. Sukanto Police Hospital: 65 patients out of 240 beds
4. Pasar Minggu Hospital: 13 patients out of 168 beds
5. Persehabatan Hospital: 40 patients out of 171 beds
6. Pelni Hospital: 89 patients out of 163 beds
7. Tarakan District Hospital: 53 patients out of 151 beds
8. RSKD Duren Sawit: 46 patients out of 204 beds
9. RSPI Sulianti Saroso: 26 patients out of 36 beds
10. Pertamina Jaya Hospital: 34 patients out of 155 beds
11. Tugu Koja Hospital: 15 patients out of 69 beds
12. Cengkareng Regional Hospital: 67 patients out of 154 beds

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