Due to increasing Covid-19 cases through local transmission in the city of Denpasar, the mayor and all local village communities (banjar) will implement regulations for Restrictions on Community Activities (PKM) in the city of Denpasar Region. The Denpasar Mayor has implemented distance control measures for market traders. The purpose of physical distancing is to prevent traders from gathering an large groups in close proximity to others.

“Ahead of the implementation of the Mayor’s Regulation for Restricting Community Activities (PKM) in the city of Denpasar, some traders who usually sell at the Kumbasari Market yard have been relocated to the Badung Market. Traders and buyers shall be encouraged not to cluster as an effort to prevent COVID-19, ” The City of Denpasar Public Relations spokesperson I Gede Dewa Rai told AFP on Sunday (10/5).

This spacing arrangement of market traders has already been put in place, following the recommendation of the Denpasar City Government in regards to Restrictions on Community activities and not the large scale social restrictions in place elsewhere in Indonesia.

“This distance arrangement between traders took effect on Thursday (7/5). This arrangement adheres to the recommendation of the City of Denpasar government in breaking the COVID-19 chain of transmission,” Dewa Rai said.

Enforcement of the Community Movement Restrictions (non-large scale social restrictions) in the Denpasar area will begin in mid-May. It is hoped that the community shall adhere to these regulations in a disciplined manner.

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