A doctor in Australia, Andy Tagg, suggests that farts can transmit the coronavirus to others. This was determined after analyzing a series of tests taken from patients earlier this year.

Dr Tagg cited tests which revealed that 55 percent of the virus was present in the feces of Covid-19 patients. A medical officer (unnamed) also previously stated said that a fart contains small dirt particles that can spread bacteria.

“Yes, SARS-CoV-2 can be detected in feces and has been detected in asymptomatic patients up until the 17th day post-infection,” Andy was quoted as saying by The Sun on Monday (18/5/2020).

“Maybe SARS-CoV-2 can be spread through farts, but we need more evidence. So, remember to always use proper and safe personal protective equipment (PPE),” he continued.

However, the clinical director of Patientaccess.com, Dr. Sarah Jarvis, stated that transmission of Covid-19 through farts was very unlikely to occur. This is because transmission is more likely to occur within close contact via droplets when people cough or sneeze.

“The possibility of someone contracting the virus because of other people’s farts is very small. It is far more likely to occur if there is direct contact with droplets from when other people cough and sneeze, that sticks to the surface you are touching,” she explained.

In 2001, doctor Karl Kruszelnicki and microbiologist Luke Tennent conducted an experiment to see whether farts could spread disease.

Dr. Tennent asked one of his volunteers to fart in two petri dishes from a distance of five centimeters; the first using pants, and the second without pants.

The first dish remained clean and free of bacteria. The second dish grew bacteria overnight; though the bacteria was revealed to be harmless after being tested.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in China announced that pants could be effective in blocking farts that carry the coronavirus. In line with this, a local health agency also stated that if there really was a virus present in the fart, it would not spread if wearing pants.

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