Bali’s neighbouring province of East Java has now become a Covid-19 epicenter with 3,886 confirmed cases.

Anticipating the community’s return after the Idul Fitri holiday, the Jembrana Covid-19 Task Force carried out coordination planning at the Gilimanuk Port. Present were Chairman of the Covid-19 Task Force, Jembrana Regent I Putu Artha, Jembrana Police Chief AKBP I Ketut Gede Adi Wibawa and Lieutenant Colonel Kav.  Jefri Marsono Hanok – Military Commander of Jembrana.

Present from the Bali Provincial Task Force was the Chairperson and Secretary of the Bali Province Dewa Made Indra, Head of the Bali Provincial Transportation Agency Samsi Gunawan, Head of the Bali Information, Communication and Statistics Department Gede Pramana and Head of the Bali Civil Service Police Unit Dewa Nyoman Rai Dharmadi.

In this coordination, Regent I Putu Artha conveyed a number of efforts underway in anticipation of the surge of people returning to the island of Bali during this Covid-19 pandemic. In accordance with the recommendations of the central task force, for the region and for both provincial and district/ city levels that have port facilities, especially in Jembrana with crossing facilities at the Gilimanuk port, to continue to follow health protocols and the provisions set by the central group.

“For this reason, through a circular letter from the Director General of Land Transportation and a letter from the Governor of Bali relating to procedures for passenger crossings at the port, every citizen who wants to travel to Bali must meet several requirements. Travelers must have a clear destination and purpose for work and in possession of a negative Covid-19 certificate based on a rapid test. This coordination is what we want to improve on, so that it is in accordance with actual implementation in the field later, “said Artha.

The Regent Artha also explained that the Jembrana Task Force had coordinated with the port authority at the Ketapang Port about the Bali Governor’s Circular letter regarding control of people traveling to Bali. In addition, the Jembrana Task Force has also shared various announcements/ protocols through banners, as well as pamphlets on all crossing ships.

“The hope is of course to accelerate limiting the spread of Covid-19, where on one side in the province of Bali there is still a positive surge of confirmed cases, but the recovery rate in Bali is also high. Therefore, every citizen who wishes to return to Bali later shall be able to prepare for these things, “said Artha.

He emphasized that the policy was not a form of discrimination because it was still maintaining the unity of the Republic of Indonesia. The policy is solely for the common good so that the management of Covid-19 is more effective and the spread can be stopped immediately” he stressed.

With the reverse flow situation, there are fears of a surge in passengers returning to Bali. Therefore, Regent Artha explained that officials from the port of Gilimanuk via the Jembrana Task Force has prepared several locations that will be used as a locations for rapid tests.

These locations will be prepared to reduce crowds and continue to implement health protocols while maintaining physical distancing. In addition, existing checkpoints (inside the port) are considered to have small capacity, so additional alternative posts are needed.

“There are 3 posts being prepared. Among them, Post 1 is at Gilimanuk port, Post 2 is at the Gilimanuk terminal, and Post 3 is in the Tourism Information Center Building owned by the Department of Tourism and Culture of Jembrana. Later the posts will also be used as a screening point for residents” said the Regent.

During his visit, Bali Provincial Secretary I Dewa Made Indra who is also the Chair of the Bali Covid-19 Task Force, said the purpose of the Provincial Task Force visit was to improve technical coordination regarding the Director General of Land Transportation’s circular letter and also the Bali Governor’s Letter on management of public travel. This includes the necessity for everyone traveling to Bali to have a clear destination and work purpose, supported by a certificate declaring the traveler free of Covid-19 based on a rapid test.

Dewa Indra further conveyed that this coordination is the basis for establishing a mutual agreement both from the Bali Provincial Covid-19 Task Force with the Banyuwangi Regency Government. The two regions have the same vision, mission and goals, so a mutual agreement needed to be reached to take joint steps together.

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