The Indonesian Government adheres to WHO by halting trials of malaria drugs for the treatment of Covid-19

The Indonesian government has claimed to comply with World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations to temporarily suspend clinical trials of hydroxychloroquine or other malaria drugs on coronavirus patients.

“WHO has announced the suspension of the hydroxychloroquine trial. Indonesia will follow the WHO’s instructions,” said the Covid-19 Task Force Team Leader Wiku Adisasmito at a press conference on Thursday (28/5).

He said Indonesia was one of the countries that participated in the ‘Solidarity Trial’ program under the WHO to conduct clinical trials on four coronavirus drugs, namely Remdesivir, Aluvia, Plus-interferon as well as hydroxychloroquine.

“To date, more than 30 countries have been involved, including Indonesia, to test the four types of drugs,” said Wiku.

According to Wiku, the hydroxychloroquine trial was conducted by medical staff on young patients.

“So far it has been given to young people who have already completed medical examinations. Currently, medical teams use appropriate testing protocols and monitors them closely,” he said.

Wiku said that developments related to clinical trials of the drug will be submitted again by the WHO within the next two weeks.

The WHO has suspended clinical trials of hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine for treating coronavirus patients after research from the medical journal The Lancet showed that the malaria drug could increase the risk of death for coronavirus patients.

It is well known that United States President Donald Trump has promoted the use of these drugs to prevent and treat Covid-19. President Jokowi then followed at the start of the pandemic by providing the drug (for use). To date, there is no vaccination available for Covid-19.

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