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An Australian citizen with the initials DS (55 years old) was found dead in in a Mengwi boarding room, Badung Regency, Bali. The body was recovered by the Badung Emergency Rescue Team (BPBD) officers using Covid-19 protocols.

“Yes (he died) in his boarding house room, yes (rescue teams are) using Covid-19 protocols are visible in the picture. The Badung Covid-19 Quick Response Team arrived at the incident site and performed an assessment of the scene of the incident and evacuated the victim” said the Head of the Badung BPBD Bagus Wiranata

The body was evacuated on Tuesday (2/6). According to police statements, the victim initially complained of shortness of breath.

“The victim complained of shortness of breath and was then given medicine by the witness (who was invited to the victim’s room). After a few hours, the victim complained again of shortness of breath, hugged the woman with him then died,” said Badung Head of Police Public Relations Iptu Ketut Oka Bawa when asked for confirmation on Wednesday (3/6).

The body was immediately taken to the Sanglah Hospital in Denpasar for further processes.

“The witness informed the boarding house owner, who then contacted the local village head. At around 0300, the Pembatu Health Center (workers) arrived, then contacted the BPBD medical team at around 0500, then the victim was evacuated to Sanglah Hospital for further treatment,” he explained.

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