Cases of Covid-19 Positive Children and Toddlers in Indonesia have risen sharply.

The Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI) which independently traces and calculates Covid-19 data on Indonesian children, recorded that there were at least 3,324 children who were under surveillance (PDP) up until May 18.

Of that number, IDAI also found 129 children with PDP status had died, while the number of children with confirmed cases of Covid-19 was 584 children.

14 of them died with confirmed cases of Covid-19.

Chairman of the Indonesian Pediatrician Association Dr. Aman B Pulungan asserted that children are also vulnerable to Covid-19 and attention must be paid to them.

But when contacted by ABC on Tuesday (2/6), Dr. Pulungan said the number of deaths of children with confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia as of June 1, 2020 according to IDAI records had risen to 26.

The child mortality rate for suspected cases related to the coronavirus has also increased, with at least 160 children being declared dead with PDP status.

“These findings indicate that the number of sick children and child deaths due to Covid-19 in Indonesia is high and proves that it is not true that the children’s age group are not susceptible to Covid-19 or will only suffer mild illness.”

“There has never been a pediatrician who said children were not vulnerable or Covid-19 has no fatal consequences for children, so that means ignorance and unawareness related to Indonesian children’s health so far,” said Dr. Pulungan to Hellena Souisa from ABC News in Melbourne.

“Maybe all this time what has been seen is world data from places with good health systems.”

Additionally, IDAI also stated that these figures showed Indonesia with the highest child mortality rates due to Covid-19 among the countries in the Southeast Asia region.

In Malaysia, Vietnam, and in Singapore, for example, there have been zero cases of children dying as a result of Covid-19.

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