Children’s school fees will not go down even amidst the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. With the new school year, finances present a challenge to parents, especially in difficult present conditions with many companies closed and layoffs resulting in increasing unemployment.

Responding to this, Public Policy Observer Agus Pambagio said parents could try discussions with the schools to eliminate (costs for) activities that were not carried out during the pandemic.

“Already just talking to parents of students with the school. So if you want extracurricular money, it doesn’t exist anymore because it is not happening. Other costs such as sports costs, art costs (could be reduced),” Agus advised.

 According to Agus, discussions about the discounted school fees do not need to follow government directives; parents should talk with the schools directly.

“In my opinion that is enough, it doesn’t need to be regulated from the Ministry of Education and Culture. That is a hassle,” he said.

During this pandemic, parents do not need to think about transportation costs for their children while schools must continue to provide teacher salaries, so do not be surprised if there is no reduction in school fees.

“Teachers ‘salaries do not disappear. While a reduction in transportation fees, the total cost for their children is reduced. While teachers still have to be paid because they teach. In the cases of teachers, whether or not they are physically present to teach, the salary is impossible to reduce,” Agus said.

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