Bali Governor I Wayan Koster said cases of local transmissions of Covid-19 in Bali have increased.

According to Koster, this matter should be a concern to all parties so that the transmission of Covid-19 is not widespread.

“That data on the spread of Covid-19, especially local transmissions in regencies/ city areas in Bali is likely to increase. So we must be on alert so that it does not become increasingly widespread transmission” said Koster, in a statement to the press on Monday.

Koster said, there were four districts and cities in Bali where cases of local transmission were increasing, namely Denpasar, Badung, Tabanan, and Klungkung.

The emergences of new cases of Covid-19 is mostly from people without symptoms (OTG).

So, it cannot be determined whether the person is infected with Covid-19 without a swab test using the PCR method.

For this reason, Bali is intensifying rapid tests and swab tests to determine the status of people who have been in contact with Covid-19 positive patients.

With more tests conducted, people’s medical status can be determined earlier on.

“This is a good thing to be able to know early on about the condition of community members that have the potential to transmit disease to other residents in the area. This is good, but we must control it” he said.

Koster said the increase in local transmissions is because there is a tendency to decrease community discipline in implementing health protocols.

This can be seen with the emergence of crowds of people in a number of locations.

He said, they had not gathered in an orderly and disciplined manner by using masks and maintaining their distance from each other.

On Sunday (7/6), the cumulative number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 reached 582 or an increase of 25 people.

The new confirmed cases included 24 local transmissions and 1 imported case.

The total number of cases of local transmission in Bali is currently 292 people.

The number of patients who have recovered is now 373 people, with 5 deaths 204 people still receiving treatment.

For this reason, Koster re-issued a number of appeals, such as for students to keep learning at home, prohibiting crowd activities, and prohibiting the operation of tourist attractions, nightlife, and other activities that involve many people.

Traditional customary and religious activities should only be carried out involving at most 25 people; limiting trips outside Bali, especially to areas that are in the Covid-19 red zone, and reducing outside activities.

Always carrying out clean and healthy behavior (PHBS), the Mutual Assistance Village Task Force to increase supervision of community members in implementing preventative Covid-19 health protocols.

The regents/ mayors should be more responsive and quick to control the transmission of Covid-19 and continue to limit the operating time of traditional markets, stalls, supermarkets, shops, shopping centers and restaurants.

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