The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus (Covid-19) in Indonesia as of Thursday (11/6) reached 35,295 cases. This figure includes 12,636 recoveries and 2,000 deaths.

“Confirmed cases of coronavirus today are 979, bringing the total to 35,295” said Government Covid-19 Spokesperson Achmad Yurianto in a press conference at Graha BNPB in Jakarta on Thursday (11/6).

Yurianto (Yuri) said the number of patients recovering rose by 507 and the death toll increased by 41 people from the previous day.

On the previous day, coronavirus positive cases totaled 34,316 cases, with 12,129 patients declared recovered and 1,959 deaths.

On Wednesday (10/6) a record for new daily confirmed cases in Indonesia occurred with 1,243 cases. The previous daily record for confirmed cases occurred on Tuesday (9/6) with 1,043 cases. Prior to this, the highest daily number of confirmed cases occurred on June 6 with 993 cases, May 21 with 973 cases and May 23 with 949 cases.

Based on daily data from the Covid-19 Task Force on Wednesday (as of 12:00 Western Indonesia Time/WIB) five provinces contributed the most new confirmed cases of Covid-19. East Java recorded 273 new cases, South Sulawesi 189 cases, Jakarta 157 cases and Central Java 139 cases.

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has asked his staff to pay special attention to three provinces, East Java, South Sulawesi, and South Kalimantan. These three provinces recorded surges of new confirmed cases of the Covid-19 in recent times.

Jokowi also provided a new target for Covid-19 related testing to reach 20 thousand tests per day. Previously on April 13, the former Governor of Jakarta targeted 10,000 specimen tests per day.

Previously, Jokowi had hoped the Covid-19 case curve to decrease by May 2020 in any way. However, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus during May reached 16,355 people. Nevertheless, the government has provided new guidelines for managing day to day life, also referred to as “the new normal”, to implement up until as a vaccine has not been found.

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