The following is an update of Coronavirus Disease Management (Covid-19) case updates in the province of Bali for the previous week:

Cases of Covid-19 in Bali surged last week with most of it is centered in the city of Denpasar.

The cumulative number of confirmed cases is 1,045 people (an increase of 32 Indonesian citizens, consisting of 2 returning migrant workers (PMI), 1 Indonesian imported case and 29 local transmissions).

Confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Bali is still largely dominated by local transmission numbering 705 people.

The number of patients who had recovered reached 603 people (increased by 17 Indonesian citizens, consisting of 5 PMI and 12 local transmitters)

The number of official recorded deaths increased to 9 people (increasing by 2 Indonesian citizens. The official count lists 7 Indonesian citizens and 2 foreign citizens).

Number of confirmed active cases (currently receiving treatment) total 433 people, spread across 11 hospitals and quarantined at local health centers)

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