The Badung Regency Government (Pemkab) plan to open all the beaches in Badung. Managers of beach businesses are recommended to prepare New Normal related technical protocols ahead of the opening.

“After Melasti Beach (Ungasan) which opened a few days ago, a number of the main beaches in Badung are preparing to re-open” said Head of the Badung Tourism Office I Made Badra, Monday (29/6/2020).

He said the easing of beach access in Badung was in accordance with directives from the Regent of Giri Prasta. He said that attractions are given leeway to be opened but with a reminder that they must adhere to and implement health protocols.

“Melasti Beach for example, has conducted trials for the past several days. Business operators are implementing health protocols such as checking body temperature, and visitors must wear masks” Badra said.

The official from Kuta said that there are several beaches including Labuan Sait, Jimbaran, Kedonganan, Kuta, Canggu and its surrounding beaches which are preparing to be opened.

“We invite each business operators to prepare (to re-open), provided health protocols are implemented” he said.

Basra said that the easing is because beaches are wide, open spaces so the risk of Covid-19 virus transmission is smaller than activities or attractions in closed room including nightlife.

“Nightlife entertainment is different; nightlife is very risky and not yet permitted to operate” he said.

Verification of the attractiveness of tourist attractions has been carried out by the Badung Regency Government through the verification team, said Badra. This is a preparatory step for when the New Normal is actually enforced.

“We already have directives from the Regent regarding guidelines for tourism stakeholders related to New Normal tourism. When the New Normal is enforced, we will be ready. Our hope is that the ITDC Nusa Dua area will be the first area ready to take on the New Normal era for tourists” he explained.

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