Most flights requires result of COVID-19 testings, namely a swab test or the so-called PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) and rapid test (Serologic Testing)⠀

Major differences between the rapid test and swab tests are:⠀
• Rapid tests use blood samples while a Swab test uses mucus samples.⠀
• Swab tests are used to detect the existence of the antigen while rapid tests detect the presence of the antibody.⠀
• You can get your rapid test result within max 2 hours, but for that of PCR, you have to wait up to 5 days. ⠀
• Rapid tests are used to screen potential positive cases thru antibody while the swab tests are used as a diagnostic standard for detecting Coronavirus. ⠀
• Swab tests give a more accurate result than rapid tests. ⠀

Currently, rapid test and swab test are available in BIMC Hospital Nusa Dua⠀
To make an appointment for COVID-19 testings, please contact our operational team on: ⠀
+62 811 3896 113 (WhatsApp only)⠀

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