The Kuta Traditional Village cleared wooden fences installed at the entrance to Kuta Beach yesterday. Cleaning the beach was carried out to welcome the new normal.

Kuta Community leader Wayan Wasista said that before the beach was formally opened, a ritual ceremony would be performed.

The current status of Kuta Beach is still declared closed for tourism. In accordance with directives of the Badung Regency Government, Kuta Beach will be re-opened on July 9th.

“Before Kuta Beach opens on July 5, we will hold a ritual ceremony at various temples. This is a spiritual ritual, by asking for blessings from Ida Sanghyang Widhi Wasa” explained Wasista.

Although resuming operations, not all access to the entrance to Kuta beach will be opened. Only 5 entrance doors will be opened initially.

Entrances to be opened are: the entrance at the Kuta Art Market (in front of the Segara temple), the entrance at the north gate (in front of the Kuta Beach Task Force office), the entrance in front of the Beach Walk Mall, the entrance in front of Jl. Poppies II (Kuta Art Market II) and access to the gate at the boundary of the Kuta-Legian areas.

In addition there are also other Kuta Beach areas which have been opened, namely the Sekeh Beach and the German Beach areas.

These restrictions have been implemented to facilitate the supervision and management of tourists wishing to visit Kuta Beach.

Kuta Beach itself has around 11 accesses. “At each entrance, hand washing equipment, hand sanitizers and body temperature checks will be carried out and visitors are required to wear masks” he explained.

All Kuta Beach Task Force personnel will be deployed along with the assistance of 25 village officers. Officers will later be divided into individual teams, with each shift containing 15 Task Force personnel and officers.

Loudspeakers on Kuta Beach will be activated every 15 minutes, to inform the public of health protocols while on the beach.

In addition to the beach area, Kuta Art Market trading activities will also begin to re-open slowly.

Traders who already have a kiosk number will be subject to an even/ odd system, to facilitate preventing crowds of customers.

“The number of kiosk traders is 204 in total. They have numbers, so it’s easier to manage. We have created a recommendation letter” he explained.

As for traders on the beach, Wasita stated that officials are not confident to allow these activities to start simultaneously.

This requires spacing and data collection. From his records, the number of traders on the beach totals 1,169 people.

“So, for traders on the beach, we ask for their patience initially. We will plan and determine best course for this going forward” he concluded.

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