The Bali Covid-19 Task Force updated Covid-19 developments for the province as of Monday (7/6). The number of confirmed cases increased by 51 Indonesian citizens – consisting of 1 returning migrant worker (PMI) and 50 people due to local transmission. The cumulative number of confirmed cases reached 1,900.

The number of patients who have recovered to date is 974 people. Today, an additional 7 Indonesian citizens have recovered, consisting of 7 patients infected from local transmissions.

Meanwhile, the Covid-19 related deaths increased by 3 people, all from local transmissions. To date, officially recorded deaths from Covid-19 number 23 (21 Indonesian citizens and 2 foreigners).

Confirmed cases in care (active cases) numbered 903 people, who are being treated in 14 hospitals and quarantined at local health centers as well as UPT Nyitdah, Wisma Bima, Ibis Hotels, Hotel Gran Mega and BPK Pering.

The number of confirmed cases in Bali is currently dominated by the city of Denpasar with as many as 736 people infected ( Almost all of these cases are due to local transmissions. Cumulatively, there are 1,527 active cases in Bali. This means there are still people not heeding or making efforts to prevent Covid-19, such as by wearing masks, washing hands, practicing physical distancing etc. To suppress cases of local transmission, the community must be aware and disciplined in making efforts to prevent this virus.

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