Bali Governor Wayan Koster declares the New Bali Era within sight.

Based on the agreement of the regents/ mayors in Bali, Bali’s New Era (Bali Era Baru)will begin on Thursday (9/7) .

The agreement was made at the Gajah Building, Jaya Sabha, Denpasar. The meeting was attended by the Udayana IX Military Commander, Bali Deputy Police Chief, Bali Deputy Governor, Bali Regents/ Mayors, Bali Provincial Government Secretary, as well as other related officials.

Governor Koster said, based on the results of agreements made at the meeting, officials have prepared a number of stages and matters related to the implementation of the New Bali Era.

Koster admitted that currently there are still four districts/ cities in Bali that are officially declared as red zones.  Ideally only green and yellow zones are opened.

“Because we want to open together (including red zones), this must be carried out with extra caution to handle the four (red zone) districts/ cities in order to improve conditions in the region,” he said.

For this reason, he requested that the ranks of Bali Covid-19 Task Force pay attention to three distribution clusters, namely traditional markets, families and communities.

Koster asked the Regents/ Mayors focus on the management of traditional markets, traditional villages and urban communities as the focus of the current Covid-19 management.

As a precautionary measure, the Governor requested that only traditional markets that have implemented proper protocols are permitted to operate.

In addition, traditional (adat) villages must also implement policies regulating the New Era protocols.

“Of the 1493 traditional villages, 1443 villages have complied with regulations. We hope that everything will be completed so that starting on July 9, the traditional villages will simultaneously implement regulations of management of Covid 19” he said.

The former member of the Indonesian House of Representatives said that the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has done on long enough without any certainty when it would end.

Therefore, the government needs to act to revive economic activity in Bali which was hit by the halt of the tourism sector.

“If we don’t act, this could cause new social problems and further vulnerability will emerge” explained the Governor.

Previously the Governor of Bali issued a circular concerning the New Era protocols.

“For further accuracy and to be detailed, Regents/ Mayors are requested to issue additional policies in accordance with the conditions in their regions” said the Governor.

He also asked the Regents/ Mayors to conduct large scale socialization of policies and simulate the application of the New Era protocols.

The Traditional Village Task Force and Village/ Urban Community Volunteers were also asked to re-activate and the Regents/ Mayors to form a New Era Protocol Implementation Supervisory Committee.

The Governor asked that activities which cause crowds and are difficult to control be avoided initially. If the protocols can be implemented properly, regulations can be further progressed. “The principle is to be gradual, selective and limited” he concluded.

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