The number of Covid-19 cases in Indonesia continues to grow.

Government data up to Sunday (12/7) shows 1,681 new cases of Covid-19 in the last 24 hours.

The addition of new cases has led to 76.981 cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia, as of the first patient announcement by President Joko Widodo on March 2, 2020.

“We got an additional 1,681 cases, bringing the total to 75,699 people” said Government Covid-19 Spokesperson Achmad Yurianto’s at Graha BNPB, East Jakarta on Sunday afternoon.

Yurianto conveyed that the addition of new Covid-19 cases was mainly spread across 29 provinces.

East Java province recorded the most new cases with 518 people in a day. Greater Jakarta followed with 404 new cases. South Sulawesi increased by 173 cases.
South Kalimantan increased by 77 cases and Central Java increased by 70 people.

1. Patients cured reach 919

In addition to the addition of new cases of Covid-19, Yurianto also revealed that there were additional patients recovering from the coronavirus.

Up to Sunday (12/7), the number of patients recovering reached 35,638 people.

This number includes the addition of 919 patients in the last 24 hours, calculated up to July 12 at noon Western Indonesia Time.

Patients were declared recovered after undergoing two swab tests using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method.

“The total number of cases recovered today that we have received is 919 people, with total recoveries of 35,638 people” Yuri said.

Yuri said that East Java became the province with the most cases of recovery with 207 people.

Greater Jakarta followed with 160 people. South Sulawesi and South Kalimantan both increased by 107 people recovered.

Bali recorded an additional 59 people recoveries and in Banten, 50 people recovered.

2. Patient deaths increase

71 Covid-19 patients died on Sunday (12/7) bringing the total number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 who have died up to July 12 to 3,606 people.

“The number of deaths has increased by 71. Thus the total number of deaths has reached 3,606 people” Yurianto said.

The addition of deaths was spread across 14 provinces. The most additions occurred in East Java with 20 Covid-19 deaths.

Greater Jakarta recorded 10 deaths and South Sulawesi recorded 6 deaths. South Kalimantan and Central Java each reported 5 deaths.


3. Face shields not optimal

Yurianto said that the use of a face shield without a mask will not provide optimal protection.

Moreover, now the coronavirus can survive in the air in the form of a microdroplet that is easily inhaled by humans who do not use masks.

“Because we now know there are microdroplets that will remain suspended in the air. We can protect against large size droplets by using a face shield. Therefore we still recommend that you all use a mask” Yurianto said.

“It’s better if indeed if you can add a face shield, but if you only use a face shield without a mask, will not provide maximum protection” he said.

Yurianto recognized the use of masks for extended periods makes it uncomfortable to breathe. However, Yurianto said it absolutely must be done in the middle of a pandemic.

For this reason, he asked the public to choose a mask that is comfortable to wear so as not to interfere when used for long periods of time.

“Therefore, choose a comfortable mask. Masks that still provide space between the mask and the nostrils with room so that we can breathe properly” he said.

4. Do not lower masks to the chin

Yurianto also asked the public to use masks properly and not lower them to the chin.

According to Yuri, lowering the mask to the chin can actually contaminate the inside of the mask with viruses that might stick to the chin.

“Lowering the mask to the chin is the same as polluting the inside of the mask with a disease that might stick to the chin. If the mask is then raises again, it does not give us a good result” said Yuri.

Yuri said, if people must take off their masks when eating or talking in a forum, the mask should be completely removed and not lowered to the chin.

However, people must still protect the insides of removed masks so as not to be contaminated with disease.

“If you really have to take off your mask, take it off. Don’t hook it on your chin because your droplets or germs from the outside might stick to your chin and may move to the inside of your mask” Yuri said.

In addition to using masks properly, Yuri reminded the public to comply with other Covid-19 preventive health protocols such as diligently washing hands using soap and running water, and maintaining appropriate physical distancing from others.

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