After the opening of the Bogor Botanical Gardens and the Cibodas Botanical Gardens, the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) opened the ‘Eka Karya’ Bali Botanical Gardens on Monday (20/7).

The opening of the ‘Eka Karya’ Bali Botanical Gardens was in conjunction with a Certificate in Tourism Towards a Safe and Productive Tabanan which was submitted by the Regent of Tabanan, Ni Putu Eka Wiryastuti.

“This opening provides momentum for Bali’s ‘Eka Karya’ Botanical Garden to return to providing educational services with better service standards in accordance with Health protocols” said Head of the Bali LIPI ‘Eka Karya’ Botanical Garden Conservation Center, Didit Okta Pribadi.

In order to reduce physical contact, the purchase of ‘Eka Karya Bali’ Botanical Gardens entry tickets are online through which is directly integrated with smart phones.

Didit said that the reopening of the ‘Eka Karya’ Bali Botanical Gardens also followed the Phase Zero provisions for a limit of 1,500 visitors at a time.

“To be able to move to the next phase, the implementation of Phase Zero will be evaluated in stages. If it meets the standards, then the next phase may be implemented by adding additional visitor quotas” Didit said.

He said there were three phases that had to be passed to reach the standard of public services in accordance with the provisions of the adaptation of new era policies.

Spraying disinfectants at public facilities such as toilets, park chairs, and tour vehicles will be carried out as frequently as as possible.

In addition, information on protocols related to visiting the Eka Karya Bali Botanical Gardens area will be displayed at strategic points and will be periodically shared to visitors.

Didit hopes that visitors can follow protocols for visiting the ‘Eka Karya’ Bali Botanical Garden to jointly help prevent the spread of the Covid-19.

During visits to the ‘Eka Karya’ Bali Botanical Garden, visitors are required to wear a mask and always maintain safe distances from others.

“We have provided hand washing facilities with touchless sanitizers at several points in the garden area, but it is recommended that visitors always bring their own hand sanitizers” Didit said.

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