Bali Governor Wayan Koster claims a traditional Balinese treatment method (usada) using Balinese arak (local spirit/ liquor) therapy is effective for healing patients with asymptomatic cases of Covid-19.

“That (arak therapy) turned out to be very effective. For new confirmed cases, after two days of this ‘treatment’, on the third day were negative and cured” said Wayan in Denpasar on Wednesday (21/7).

According to Koster, a treatment method using the main ingredient of Balinese liquor that has been distilled specifically, has been tested on hundreds of confirmed Covid-19 patients undergoing treatment at a number of quarantine sites.

“It has been tested by adding an extract from kaffir lime leaves, then adding eucalyptus oil. Recoveries have increased considerably for those treated in quarantine” Koster said.

Koster added that the recovery rate from Balinese arak therapy has reached up to 80 percent, especially for those without symptoms. He said that in the initial trial, there were 19 samples that were tested, resulting in 15 patients recovering. The number of samples has been continuously increased, reaching the hundreds.

“So 80 percent recoveries. I am calm now. Now, for example, for positive cases, after 2 days of treatment, on the third day the swab test confirms the patient as recovered and we send them home” said Koster.

With this treatment method, Koster revealed that there were 400 people infected with Covid-19 that were quarantined and healed. He is optimistic that the recovery rate will increase if this treatment continues.

Koster expressed his contentment that Balinese liquor has health benefits. He also claimed to use this method every day via inhalation (nebulizer).

“This is good fortune for the arak industry which is a primarily a beverage but is also beneficial for health or traditional treatment methods. I use this every day; inhale it before I go to sleep. It’s good, very good” he said.

Koster conveyed this to the Minister of Justice and Human Rights Yasonna Laoly when visiting Bali yesterday. This treatment method will also be patented, but only can be used in Bali for now.

“This is ready to go and we will use local Balinese products first. We will patent the product. I initiated this and have already explained this to the Minister of Law and Human Rights. I encourage the Head of Health to undertake this experiment. If it is proven and legalized, then this will be a new industry” he said.

Based on data from the Bali Covid-19 Task Force, as of Wednesday (22/7), the cumulative number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in Bali totals 2,934 people. From this number, 2,178 people have recovered.


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