The Bali Police Directorate General of Criminal Investigation together with the Counter Transnational and Organized Crime (CTOC) Task Force arrested Marcus Beam (50) who is an Interpol fugitive in an investment fraud case. Marcus was arrested in a villa in the Badung Regency on Thursday (23/7).

Beam has been in Bali since January, 2020. During the six month period in Bali, he sought money to survive by making pornographic films with his female friend.

“His work involved making pornographic films; to make money on the internet. That is something he did to survive in Bali and he communicated a lot with local people” said Bali Police Chief Inspector General Peter Reinhard Golose at a press conference at Bali Police Headquarters in Denpasar on Friday (24/7)

Golose further explained that the United States citizen was uploading pornographic photos and videos with his female friend to an internet website. From this, he received money to finance his needs while living in Bali the last six months.

“The perpetrators (the director and the porn actor/actress) used special order methods online and were sought out. This arrest has just occurred; not even 24 hours has passed, so the case still needs further exploration” Golose said.

Police confiscated evidence including one passport, five cell phones, one folding knife, 14 sex toys and 13 other electronic evidence.

“Fake passports have been canceled by the United States government and they have already checked for overseas trips” Golose said.

So far, only Beam has been named as a suspect. His female friend (initials WPC) who is also a US citizen, is currently a witness.

“Yes (they were making porn movies together), but we have found only one. We do not know for sure how many there are” added the Deputy Director of the General Criminal Investigation, AKBP Suratno.

Beam was wanted by Interpol due to his involvement in an investment fraud scheme involving hundreds of thousands of dollars. Beam is accused of misappropriating approximately USD 500,000 from investors that was supposed to be placed in investment funds in Chicago from March 2015 to October 2019.

“So the crime was not carried out here, but in the United States. The person concerned committed similar violations online, arguably violating the US Codes” said Golose.

“While committing these activities, this individual used different identities. He claimed to be an investment manager, but the money was then not used for investments, but was used personally” said Golose.

Golose added that Beam had previously been tried in court in the United States and had been detained in his home country from September 4 to September 12.

“But there was a guarantee from his lawyer there, so that the person concerned was released. Then, on January 10, a United States court again tried his case because there was no intentions to resolve the problem” Golose said.

When the trial continued on February 5, Beam was absent. He disappeared and apparently entered Indonesia using a fake passport in January.

During his stay in Bali, the Interpol fugitive moved his residence six times in the Ubud and Kerobokan areas. Marcus also purchased a two-wheeled vehicle while in Bali, which has had the ownership papers changed seven times.


Source: CBS Chicago

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