Good news continues to be received by Covid-19 patients in Bali. The recovery rate continues to show an increase compared to the numbers of confirmed cases.

Based on the Covid-19 Task Force report in Bali on Sunday (7/26), numbers of patients recovering was almost twice that of the confirmed cases of Covid-19.

“81 people were declared recovered today, cumulatively bringing total recoveries to 2,489 people” said Dewa Made Indra, Chairperson of the Bali Covid-19 Task Force.

Confirmed cases of Covid-19 increased by 43 people or cumulatively to 3,157 people. Official deaths remained steady at 48.

At present, the province of Bali is still treating 620 confirmed cases, consisting of 616 Indonesian citizens and 4 foreign nationals.

Active cases are being treated in 17 hospitals, and quarantined at local health centers and hotels.

Dewa Made Indra said that the number of confirmed cases in Bali is still largely dominated by local transmission.

“Although the recovery data for Covid-19 patients has improved, we continue to encourage the public to take care of themselves and their health,

“By implementing health protocols everywhere and at all times, so that everyone takes care of each other” he said.

Public awareness and participation is urgently needed to implement Health Protocols in accordance with the New Era lifestyle orders for a productive and Covid-free Balinese society.

“For that, let us implement the Health Protocols with discipline and always wear masks, wash hands, maintain physical distances and avoid crowds” he said.

On Friday, the Denpasar Covid-19 Task Force released data on the development of Covid-19 cases in the city.

According to the data, there were 1,195 confirmed cases, 854 cases declared recovered, 14 official deaths, and 327 people undergoing treatment.

The percentage of patient recovery was 71.46%, therefore the city of Denpasar was declared as an Orange Zone.

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