Local farmers in Badung

Many tons of vegetables from local farmers have had to be disposed due to the misconception of local farmers related to directives from local authorities.

Many farmers from the Petang sub-district of Badung Regency were encouraged to increase production in July due to the anticipated increase in domestic tourism. Due to the ongoing pandemic, unfortunately the numbers of domestic visitors are much lower than expected. Market demand simply does not match earlier predictions. Many imported goods from outside the region are also available locally, which does not help the plight of the local farmer.

All these factors and current conditions have impacted these local farmers greatly. One of the farmers is Pak Nyoman Darmawan who has lost several tons of vegetables during the month of July. Please visit @Pasarbali Id – a online portal which connects farmers, ranchers, local fishermen and businesses in Bali to learn more about the situation and connect with local farmers such as Pak Nyoman. We encourage our readers to do their part in helping to kick start this sector of the local economy again.



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