August 22, 2020

One of the key concepts in the Balinese Hindu religion is to keep nature in balance. Tumpek Uduh is a ceremony performed to pay respect to all trees and plants. Also known as Tumpek Wariga or Tumpek Pengatag, Tumpek Uduh is devoted to Sang Hyang Sangkara, Lord of all plants. Hindus in Bali commemorate Tumpek Uduh on Saniscara Kliwon (Saturday) every 210 days in the Balinese calendar.

This day is an expression of gratitude for fertility and abundant and healthy crops that produce dense fruit or flowers. Blessing ceremonies are performed by Balinese Hindus at farms and plantations throughout the island. The God Sangkara is honoured for keeping plants and trees alive and fertile as well as protecting them from pests and anything that can harm them. Thus, they will produce abundantly and human life will benefit. To show gratitude, the Balinese offer fruits, flower offerings as well as bubur sumsum (traditional porridge), sprinkled with coconut and liquid brown sugar.

Tumpek Uduh is also related to protection of the environment, especially preserving trees. This tradition is emphasized particularly in the agricultural areas of Bali.

The younger generation are encouraged to produce fruit for themselves as well as for offerings. If they do not plant trees, they will not produce fruit in the gardens.

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