Jembrana Police are investigating two police officers suspected of extorting a Japanese tourist who did not turn on his motorbike headlights while passing by.

The video showing police officers ticketing vehicles and asking tourists for Rp 1 million previously went viral on social media.

“It is true that these are two members of the Pekutatan Police” said Jembrana Police Chief I Ketut Gede Adi Wibawa on Thursday (20/8).

“We immediately followed up upon receiving the viral video. We immediately reviewed the information and investigated” he continued.

Wibawa explained that the incident occurred in mid-2019, but it has only recently gone viral. He said that when the incident took place, the two policemen were on duty to perform inspections on traffic on the streets.

He said that his force members routinely carried out inspections because the Jembrana Police jurisdiction is responsible for one of the land entries to Bali.

“I ordered the members to carry out inspections along the Denpasar-Gilimanuk road, to monitor incoming people or goods. The negative aspect is that illegal levies may have been implemented” he said.

The two members of the Police in question have already been detained at the Jembrana Police headquarters to await the next process.

“We are committed to take action if the Police officers are wrong. If it is true, sanctions will be enforced. Now we have detained them, sanctions will be implemented via a trial. We cannot impose direct sanctions while the process is ongoing” he said.

Previously, a video showing a Japanese tourist allegedly being blackmailed by a police officer went viral on social media. The 3 minute 16 second video was uploaded to Kenji’s Youtube account on December 30, 2019.

In the video, a police officer stopped the motorcycle with the license plate DK 3762 FO, which was being driven by a motorist from Japan.

The police officer then checked the tourist’s motorbike registration. In the video, another police officer also appears to observe the ticketing process.

The police officer who stopped the motorbike then confirmed that the vehicle certificates were complete, but the headlights of the motorcycle were off. Because the lights were off, the police officer asked the Japanese tourist to pay a fine of Rp 1 million.

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