The Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) have recorded the deaths of 100 doctors since the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic hit Indonesia in the last five months. Based on the IDI report, all of these doctors tested positive for Covid-19.

“IDI has recorded 100 doctors who have died from Covid-19. Let’s pray for the best resting place for the deceased” said IDI Public Relations Officer Halik Malik.

The General Chairman of the IDI Executive Board, Daeng Faqih, expressed deep sorrow for the death of 100 of his colleagues. He also expressed his condolences to other health workers who had died.

“There have been 100 doctors who have died while handling Covid-19. Likewise, other deaths of other health workers have also increased” he said.

In 2019, Statistics Indonesia (BPS) listed 81,011 doctors in Indonesia. The largest distribution is concentrated in the island of Java, with 11,365 in the greater Jakarta area, 10,802 in East Java, 9,747 in Central Java and 8,771 in West Java.

Indonesia’s Covid-19 Data and Information Platform, Pandemic Talks, conducted an analysis of doctor deaths using IDI data as of August 21.

Pandemic Talks revealed that about 59.3% of elderly doctors had died, while 40.7% were under 50 years of age. 54.7% of doctor deaths occurred among general practitioners, while 45.3% were specialist doctors.
“Only 12 percent of victims specialized in specifically treating Covid-19, Internal Medicine Specialists, Pulmonologists, Anesthetists. The elderly are not the only victims; most are general practitioners,” said Pandemic Talks representative Muhammad Kamil recently.

The most doctors who died after exposure to Covid-19 were in Java with 65% of cases. The lowest percentage of cases of doctors who have died is in Bali, at 3%.


Author : HL

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