The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) recorded 159,760 visits by foreign tourists to Indonesia in July 2020. The number of visits increased slightly (0.95%) compared to June 2020 with 158,250 tourists visiting the country.

Compared to June last year, tourism arrivals decreased by 89% from the previous 1.47 million visits.

Although it has been increasing on a monthly basis, Head of BPS Suhariyanto said foreign tourist visits are still very limited. The majority of foreign arrivals are dominated by business purposes, not leisure.

“This is because there are still large scale social restrictions (PSBB) in place and we are still in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, and many countries are still implementing restrictions on tourism,” Suhariyanto said in a virtual presentation on Tuesday (1/9).

Cumulatively, 3.25 million foreign tourists visited from January to July 2020. That number is down 64.6% compared to 9.18 million tourist visits during the same period last year.

According to Suhariyanto, the recovery of the tourism sector which has been affected by the pandemic will take a long time to return to normal.

“Of course we need to look at this and find a way out, because the decline in both foreign and domestic tourists will have an impact on supporting activities, such as hotel occupancy rates, food, accommodation, and others,” he explained.

The largest number of foreign tourists came from Timor Leste with as many as 85,280 arrivals. This number contributed 53.38% of the total visitors.

“It is understandable because they can just go overland to Indonesia,” Suhariyanto said.

Malaysian tourists followed with as many as 58,610 visitors or 36.69%, China with 2,750,000 visitors or 1.72%, the US with 1,400 visitors or 0.88%, and Papua New Guinea with 1,300 visitors or 0.81%.

Author: HL



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