The Indonesian Covid-19 Task Force announced an increase in the number of cases of deaths from the Covid-19 coronavirus in Indonesia in the last week. However, Indonesia’s recovery rate is higher than the world average.

“We want to convey the weekly death cases (related to Covid-19), which has increased by 24.4% in a week,” said Wiku Adisasmito, spokesman for the Covid-19 Task Force in a press conference broadcast on the YouTube account of the Presidential Secretariat on Tuesday (1/9 ).

Wiku explained that there are five provinces that have a higher mortality rate than the national average. The national mortality rate currently sites at 4.23%.

“The highest percentage increase (of mortality rate) in the top 5 is Bengkulu at 7.29%. Keep in mind that the national mortality rate is 4.23%. So Bengkulu is above the national average,” explained Wiku.

“Central Java’s morality rate is 7.18%, East Java: 7.10%, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB): 5.76%, and South Sumatra 5.68%. All of these are above the national mortality rate (from Covid-19)” he added.

Wiku also listed the five provinces with the highest increase in death rates due to Covid-19. There are four provinces where the Covid-19 death rate has increased by more than 100%.

“Central Java has the highest increase in the mortality rate, which rose more than 100% from 60 to 144 deaths. Second is Aceh, increasing by more than 100% from 6 to 29 deaths. Bali also increased by more than 100%, from 2 to 13 deaths” said Wiku.

“In Riau it also increased by more than 100% from 4 to 11 deaths. In East Java, it rose 18.8% from 149 to 177” he continued.

Meanwhile, in terms of the recovery rate for Covid-19 patients, Indonesia is above the world average. The current national recovery rate is 72.18%, while the global recovery rate is 69.97%.

“We need to convey here that the recovery rate in Indonesia varies from one place to another, or from one province to another and there are several provinces that have a fairly high recovery rate” said Wiku.

These are the 5 Indonesian provinces with the highest rates of recovery from Covid-19:

1. Central Sulawesi 90.87%
2. Bangka Belitung Islands 90.79%
3. East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) 88.14%
4. Gorontalo 86.87%
5. Bali 85.76%

Author: HL

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