As of Thursday, September 10th, the province of Bali recorded an increase of 111 confirmed cases of Covid-19 through local transmission, 115 cases recovered, and 9 confirmed deaths.

Cumulatively, confirmed cases reached 6,834, with 5,437 recoveries (79.56%), and 151 deaths (2.21%).

Meanwhile, there are currently 1,246 active cases (18.23%), which are spread out across 17 referral hospitals, and quarantined at local health centers (Bapelkesmas, UPT Nyitdah, Wisma Bima and BPK Pering).

Cases of Indonesian citizens with confirmed cases of Covid-19 through local transmission continue to increase sharply.

The Governor of Bali has issued PERGUB No. 46 of 2020, regarding the Implementation of Discipline and Law Enforcement of Health Protocols to Prevent and Control the Covid-19 in the New Era, which regulates administrative sanctions for health protocol violators. A Rp. 100,000 fine is in place for individual violators and Rp. 1,000,000 for business and other public facility operators.

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