The number of health worker deaths in Indonesia due to Covid-19 infection has increased again, reaching 228 health workers.

Based on data from the Mitigation Team for the Executive Board of the Indonesian Doctors Association (PB IDI), the Indonesian Dentists Association (PDGI) and Indonesian National Care (PPNI) said that as of Tuesday (29/9), 127 doctors, 9 dentists and 92 nurses have died due to Covid-19.

Of the 127 doctors who have died, 66 were General Practitioners (4 of whom being professors), 59 specialist doctors (4 of whom were professors) and 2 residents.

Of the 9 dentists, 6 were general dentists and 3 were specialist dentists.

All of these doctors came from 18 provinces and 61 city/ regencies. Health care worker deaths based on provincial data throughout Indonesia are as follows:

East Java: 31 doctors

North Sumatra: 21 doctors

Greater Jakarta: 17 doctors

West Java: 11 doctors

Central Java: 9 doctors

South Sulawesi: 6 doctors

Bali: 5 doctors

South Sumatra: 4 doctors

South Kalimantan: 4 doctors

Aceh: 4 doctors

East Kalimantan: 3 doctors

Riau: 3 doctors

Riau Islands: 2 doctors

Yogyakarta Region: 2 doctors

West Nusa Tenggara: 2 doctors

North Sulawesi: 1 doctor

Banten: 1 doctor

West Papua: 1 doctor

Responding to the rapidly increasing mortality rate for health care workers, the Head of the Protocol Team from the IDI Mitigation team, Dr. Eka Ginandjar said this was because most people did not understand the implementation of new living adaptation regulations and many still do not comply with health protocols.

Eka said, the emergence of new clusters in each area and field is something that needs to be carefully watched at this time.

“The use of proper and correct masks is very important in the effort to break the chain of transmission of Covid-19. This includes protecting ourselves and others we care about, from contracting Covid-19, so the 3M steps must be implemented,” said Eka.

Author: HL

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