The wife of Bali Governor I Wayan Koster, Ni Putu Putri Suastini, announced that she has been confirmed with the Covid-19 coronavirus. Suastini has been designated as without symptoms (Orang Tanpa Gejala or OTG).

Suastini announced that she tested positive for the coronavirus through a video uploaded to her Instagram account, @niputuputrisuastini. In a video uploaded on Saturday (26/9), she was in a quarantine location for patients with asymptomatic cases.  She explained that she was healthy, but when she underwent the swab test the results came back positive.

“Om Swastiastu to my brothers and sisters around Bali and also to friends outside Bali. I wish you all a blessed Hari Raya Kuningan. I am still here in a quarantine location for people without symptoms, because after conducting a swab test, the virus was confirmed in my body, even though I actually feel healthy,” said Suastini in the video.

Suastini also stated that her blood sugar, blood pressure, and other organs were normal after being examined. After being confirmed with Covid-19, she entered quarantine at one of the designated hotels.

“Blood sugar is normal; blood pressure is normal, the organs including lungs as well as blood oxygen levels are normal, but because it (Covid-19) was confirmed, even though without symptoms, what should we do? Self-quarantine so that the virus does not spread to others,” said Suastini.

“There are protocols, from first testing positive, for the next ten days plus 3 days that I must be far from friends, away from people who do not have viruses, so it is not transmitted,” she added.

Suastini said that she could only return to her regular activities when she tested negative with a swab test.  She is also optimistic that she will be able to recover soon from the Covid-19 virus.

“After being tested and receiving a negative swab test, you can go out and socialize again.  According to the doctor, now that I have been confirmed the virus, my immunity will increase; my immunity will be strengthened and protect me for the next 3 months. If exposed again within 24 hours, the virus can be overcome by our own immune system,” said Suastini.

Previously, the Governor of Bali I Wayan Koster said more than 20 people in his immediate enviroment were confirmed positive for Covid-19, including aides, assistants and his gardener.

“I have four aides and all four of them have been affected. One has recovered, another has recovered but I have not allowed him to return to work. Another two aides are still in quarantine. Our waitress, gardener and the typist have been hit; a lot have been affected,” said Koster on Thursday (24 /9).

Koster also asked the public not to underestimate the coronavirus. He asked the public to obey health protocols in order to stop the spread of Covid-19.

“So this can no longer be considered playing games. If anyone says that Covid-19 is a conspiracy, this is not true. There have been many victims, many confirmed cases; many have died. Based on this, I beg all audience members to please follow the directives and policies of the central government, provincial government and district/ city governments in implementing health protocols,” he stressed.

Author: HL

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