PT Kalbe Farma Tbk will soon distribute Covifor (remdesivir) to Covid-19 patients in Indonesia. The Covid-19 drug is imported by PT Amarox Pharma Global, a subsidiary of Hetero Corporate Industrial Estates, Sanath Nagar Hyderabad India.

“With this Covid-19 situation, Kalbe continues to seek any form (Ed: of treatment method), and today we are very proud, we are very happy because we are working with PT Amarox Pharma Global, a subsidiary of Hetero India. Our role is for the marketing and distribution of products from Covifor in Indonesia,” said President Director of Kalbe Farma Vidjongtius in a virtual press conference on Thursday (10/1).

He explained that the drug was available and only needed to be distributed to hospitals in Indonesia.

“With this marketing and distribution cooperation, we will start immediately, because we have an agreement to provide services to patients at hospitals,” he said.

Kalbe Farma’s marketing and distribution infrastructure has spread throughout Indonesia and it is hoped that Covifor can be available as soon as possible to those requiring it.

“We are all racing against time so that health services can be maximized for all Covid-19 patients to promote recoveries in all locations,” he explained.

The procurement of these drugs was also carried out thanks to the support of the National Agency of Drug and Food Control (POM) and the Ministry of Health, as well as all other related parties.

“Our goal is primarily that the need for medicine is so important in Indonesia specifcally for patients. This meets our common mission and goals and with this good collaboration we can aid patients quickly and precisely,” he added.

On this occasion, a pulmonary specialist from the Central General Hospital (RSUP) Erlina Burhan explained how remdesivir works. He explained that the drug serves to inhibit the replication of the coronavirus in the human body.

“The way it works is that remdesivir inhibits viral replication. Hopefully when remdesivir is used for treatment, the replication of this virus is inhibited, preventing patients’ conditions from worsening, and allowing our immune system to be able to control it,” he added.

Author: HL

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