Japan is planning to remove a ban on overseas travel to 12 countries — including Singapore — next month, the Yomiuri newspaper reported on Thursday (Oct 8).

The 12 countries and regions include China, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Vietnam and Malaysia, the report said

The Japanese government, which currently bans travel to 159 countries and regions, will recommend that travellers refrain from unnecessary and non-urgent visits to those 12 countries, the newspaper said.

This comes less than three weeks after Singapore was added to England’s Travel Corridor list, meaning passengers arriving in England from Singapore no longer have to self-isolate.

Under Singapore’s Ministry of Health’s Oct 1 travel advisory, general travel to Australia (excluding Victoria State), Brunei Darussalam and New Zealand and Vietnam is allowed, as well as for students studying overseas where distance-learning is not offered as an option.

“Singaporeans and residents of Singapore are advised to defer all other forms of travel overseas,” MOH said.

Essential travel for business, official and work purposes will continue to be permitted under Green or Fast Lane arrangements and the Periodic Commuting Arrangement. REUTERS

Source : Reuters

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