Dear Clients,

With this letter we attach the traffic report from our marketplace platform Comeback To Bali (CBB) from September and October 2020.

CBB has gained much engagement since its release; our goal is to provide positive vibes to the outside world and inform readers that it is business as usual in Bali and we are more than ready when the international borders open.

For clients who have already joined our program, we wish you good luck and hopefully you will receive business from our platform while the free promotions for you are still running. Our team will contact you soon and to check whether this campaign continues to be of benefit to you.

For client who have not joined the CBB program yet, registration is still open for you. Kindly contact Ms. Bela (0821-4444-2909) for the application form and process to join.

CBB will soon merge with JTB and we are in preparations to launch the 1st Virtual Tourism Expo in South East Asia. This is scheduled for when international borders are opened again; you will be the first company to be updated.

Thank you for your attention and have a good week ahead.

Best regards,

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