The burial block at the Pondok Ranggon Public Cemetery (TPU) in East Jakarta, specifically for the bodies of Muslim Covid-19 victims, is full.

Pondok Ranggon TPU still serves the burials of Muslim Covid-19 deaths, but with an overlapping system.

The person in charge of implementing the Pondok Ranggon TPU burial protocols Muhaimin, stated that there is al alternative if the public do not want to bury the body using the overlapping system.

“The body of a Muslim Covid-19 victim who has no family at all, can be referred to the Tegal Alur TPU in West Jakarta,” Muhaimin said on Wednesday (2/12/2020).

Muhaimin said, TPU Tegal Alur still has around 600 more plots for the bodies of Covid-19 victims.

There is another alternative besides Tegal Alur TPU, which is any TPU, as long as there is a recommendation from the Greater Jakarta City Park and Forest Service.

“You will be asked if a previous family grave exists and in what cemetery? Later the Park and Forest Service will ask the cemetery concerned if it is possible to dig up the body of the Covid-19 victim. If it is too far away or close to a settlement, the agency will look for another alternative TPU,” Muhaimin said.

Muhaimin said, other cemetaries are ready to accommodate the bodies of Covid-19 victims as of November 8, 2020.

“For example in TPU (cemetery) A, you can be buried in TPU A. Conditions must be in accordance with the family’s permission and recommendation from the office,” he said.

Another requirement is that the location is appropriate and adequate.

“Not too close to local residents. Distance from the water source is 50 meters and the distance from settlements is 100 meters,” said Muhaimin.

Author: HL

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