Recent studies have found that the symptoms of COVID-19 in patients can last longer than six weeks. This condition may even occur in COVID-19 patients without a history of comorbidities.

Quoted from Anadolu Agency, a team of doctors and epidemiologists at the University of Geneva conducted a study on 669 people with an average age of 43 years. As many as 60% were women, 25% are health nurses, 69% had no history of comorbidities or complications related to COVID-19.

Six weeks after being diagnosed, nearly a third of patients still had one or more symptoms of COVID-19. Symptoms of COVID-19 are shown below:

Fatigue: 14%
Loss of smell or new ability: 12%
Shortness of breath: 9%
Continuous cough: 6%
Headache: 3%

“Apart from their physical symptoms, many are very worried. How much longer will the symptoms last? What are some long-term effects that are irreversible?” said Dr Mayssam Nehme, author of the study.

Since COVID-19 first broke out, the symptoms of COVID-19 that patients have complained about have been increasingly diverse. It is still unclear how long a COVID-19 patient will experience symptoms; this is related to the condition of each patient.

“Since its appearance in early 2020, doctors can not predict how long it will take each person to recover from COVID-19. The variety and duration of symptoms vary,” the University of Geneva said in a press release.

“In particular, it appears to have the potential to cause an unusual long lasting illness, and the term ‘Long COVID’ describes infection in people who continue to report symptoms weeks after infection,” the study said.

Author: HL

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