It has become a tradition at the end of the year accompanied by the rainy season, that the ​​Kuta Beach (Badung) area and its surroundings are invaded by garbage.

As seen yesterday, the white sandy beach was invaded by trash. The trash can be seen piling up, waiting for disposal by officers from the Badung Environment and Sanitation Service (DLHK) at the final disposal site (TPA Suwung).

The Head of Cleaning and Management of Hazardous and Toxic Waste Management of DLHK Badung, A.A Gede Agung Dalem, did not deny that there was a trash influx on Kuta Beach.

DLHK Badung officers continue to struggle to clean up the rubbish. All beach waste is collected at one point on ​​Kuta Beach, specifically in front of The Stones Hotel.

Then the waste is brought separately to the TPA. Garbage is dominated by tree sections, twigs, bamboo, and so on.

“Yes, we collected beach trash today (yesterday) and it was transported immediately. The beach was in clean conditions as of yesterday afternoon,” explained Gung Dalem.

To handle coastal trash, DLHK Badung has deployed 200 green troops. In addition, 5 units of heavy equipment such as a loaders and 6 trucks are also used.

“12 heavy equipment transports were utilized this morning until this afternoon in zone 6 (Kuta). Maybe tomorrow (Sunday) morning we will continue hauling again” he explained.

He admitted that the current loads of garbage are like waves that keeps coming back after being cleaned.

However, the team is not discouraged; the officers were not overwhelmed in handling the rubbish. “The volume of coastal waste is almost 26 tons per day or the equivalent of 13 trucks,” he concluded.

Author: HL

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