The first shipment of the Covid-19 vaccine is expected to arrive in Bali today. The vaccine’s journey will be closely guarded by the police until it arrives at Bali Health Services.

“This project is of national importance and must be secured. We will go extra lengths to ensure it’s safe passage,” said Denpasar Police Commissioner (Kombes) Jensen Avitus Panjaitan.

According to Jensen, the Covid-19 vaccine route has been prepared. The route starts from the Gilimanuk crossing until delivery at Bali Health Services.

“The Regional Police Force (Polda) has secured the route from Gilimanuk to Denpasar. Delivery will take place in Denpasar at Health Services where it shall be distributed according to the data that has been prepared,” said Jensen.

“Of course security shall be implemented in accordance with the Health Office falling under the jurisdiction of the Police. It remains the responsibility of the Police; We have personnel in place up until distribution is complete. The Police shall be supported by Brimob and Sabhara Polda to ensure security and supported by both members of the Forces and patrol cars,” he added.

Jensen revealed that currently the coronavirus vaccine is still on its way to Bali. The Covid-19 vaccine is expected to arrive at the Bali Provincial Health Department tonight.

“It is on the way and it is estimated that it will arrive in Bali in Denpasar around 6pm. It will definitely arrive today. If it goes well, it will arrive in the late afternoon, or at latest this evening” said Jensen.

Author: HL

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