Health workers in Tianjin, China, managed to detect domestically made ice cream containing the corona virus (Covid-19) on Thursday (14/1) yesterday.

Reported by Asia One, Friday (15/1) the ice cream containing the corona virus was found after officers examined three samples of Daqiaodao brand products.

The producers said the ice cream raw materials included powdered milk made in Ukraine and whey mist from New Zealand.

As a result, the local city government ordered Daqiaodao to temporarily close their cold storage that stores ice cream containing the corona virus.

According to Daqiaodao, they have produced 4,836 boxes of ice cream, and 1,812 of them have been sold to various regions.

Currently, the local government has sealed 2,089 ice cream boxes. Inside each box contains six packets of ice cream weighing 450 grams each.

They stated that the 935 boxes to be sold to local traders had not yet been fully sold. Currently, 65 boxes have been recorded that have been sold to small traders in Tianjin.

The local government then asked the small traders who bought the ice cream to report if they experienced health problems or showed symptoms of Covid-19.

In addition, the Tianjin city government also directly contacted other city governments to track down the whereabouts of the ice cream containing Covid-19.

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