The government plans to extend the implementation of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) for a number of areas in Java and Bali to reduce the rate of transmission of the Covid-10 coronavirus.

Deputy Chairman of the Covid-19 Task Force, Syafrizal, said the plan was discussed on Tuesday (19/1). The PPKM will be extended after it expires on Monday (25/1).

“The results of the Limited Cabinet Meeting yesterday afternoon determined that the PPKM will be extended for the next 2 weeks after January 25.” said Syafrizal in the Socialization of Circular Letter Number 903/145/ SJ which was held virtually by the Ministry of Home Affairs on Wednesday ( 20/1).

Syafrizal said that the PPKM extension was carried out following the significant addition of confirmed cases of Covid-19. PPKM is expected to be able to suppress the spike in Covid-19 cases in Indonesia.

He conveyed that the PPKM was temporarily enforced for several regions in Java and Bali. However, other regions are also asked to keep trying their best to reduce the rate of Covid-19 cases.

Syafrizal then appealed to local governments that plan to re-implement the PPKM to provide maximum efforts. He hopes that regional governments can improve steps taken to deal with the pandemic which have not been optimal thus far.

Previously, the Indonesian Government imposed PPKM in Java and Bali from January 11-25th 2021. The policy was implemented to suppress the spike in Covid-19 cases after the end of the year holidays.

Even though the PPKM has been running, the rate of transmission of Covid-19 cases continues to increase. To date, there have been 927,380 recorded confirmed cases of Covid-19. A total of 146,842 active cases of Covid-19 are present, while 26,590 people have died.

Author: HL

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