Covid-19 cases continue to increase in most areas that have implemented (Java-Bali) Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM).

Government Covid-19 Spokesperson Wiku Adisasmito said that the number of active Covid-19 cases in most areas has been increasing. Covid-19 infection rates increased in 83% of the districts/ cities that implemented the PPKM in Java and Bali.

“The trend for active cases in 77 regencies/ cities shows that there are still 64 districts/ cities that have experienced an increase in the percentage of active cases,” Wiku said in an online press conference from the Presidential Palace in Jakarta on Thursday (28/1).

Wiku said that active cases have increased in 4 provinces in Java and Bali. Only the Greater Jakarta area, Central Java and East Java managed to suppress the number of active cases after two weeks of PPKM.

The recovery rate also decreased. Only 21 districts/ cities experienced an increase in the number of recovered patients.

According to Wiku, the mortality rate during PPKM was reduced over the same period.

The bed occupancy rate (BOR) is also said to have decreased over the past two weeks.

“In general, with the evaluation of these indicators, it still takes time to see (effects of) the implementation of PPKM at least until late January or early February,” said Wiku.

The government implemented PPKM in a number of areas in Java and Bali from January 11-25, 2021. This policy was extended until February 8, 2021 because the rate of Covid-19 cases is still not under control.

As of Thursday (28/1) the Covid-19 Handling Task Force reported an increase of 13,695 confirmed cases of Covid-19. The total number of confirmed cases since the first case was announced in March 2020 has now reached 1,037,993 people.

Of these, 842,122 people have recovered (an increase of 10,792) and 29,331 people have died (an increase of 476).

Author: HL

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