8 February

The day of Kajeng Kliwon falls once every 15 days and is a sacred day for the Balinese Hindus. It is the perfect day to conduct physical and spiritual purification, cleanse the mind, heal the sick and supernaturally get rid of evil elements in residential environs through specified ceremonies. It is also a good day to get rid of pests that are plaguing agricultural fields. According to some Balinese, Kajeng Kliwon is an auspicious day for bhuta kala (evil spirits) to run amok and create chaos among humans and nature. As such, the Balinese will visit temples to pray and meditate and remind themselves to watch their thoughts and feelings. As an expression of respect to the supernatural and other unseen forces, they will also present offerings of “segehan” and “tetabuhan arak berem” (a kind of liquor) in the yards of their houses, entry door and other important spots. If you’re in Bali on this day, you’ll most likely see plenty of ceremonies taking place in almost all street corners, houses and temples as Kajeng Kliwon is also a propitious day to hold certain ceremonies if deemed so by the spiritually wise in the Balinese Hindu religion.

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