Welcome to Munduk Moding Plantation, a hidden treasure of the island, a Luxury Nature Resort and SPA in the North of Bali, Indonesia. Here Bali’s skies blend with the waters of two award-winning infinity pools, the Bali sea and the towering volcanoes in Java.

Nestled on a five-hectare coffee plantation, gifted with a bird’s eye view of Bali’s northern coast this mountainside escape offers a real back-to-nature experience.

Together with one of Bali’s most legendary architects, Popo Danes, ancient building techniques were revived, erected bamboo halls and even a bamboo SPA that has received global admiration. Online, many will recognise the resort from photos of its infinity pool, that seem to extend out to nothing but the empty sky but actually present cascading views down a verdant hillside.

This boutique resort is home to both villas and suites, all of which embrace their wild, natural surroundings through the views but also interior design. The decor focuses on natural styles, with hardwoods, stone and marble finishings, and local art giving all the rooms a warm, homey feel. The range of accommodation here includes Garden Suites and private Villas with options of private swimming pools, and jacuzzis.


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