The first phase of mass Covid-19 vaccination for health workers in Denpasar, Bali, took place Thursday morning at several different locations. The first phase for the city of Denpasar will last for 2 days with a daily target of 3000 health workers and hospital workers throughout the city.

In order to accommodate more health workers to receive vaccines, vaccinations are being provided in hospitals and community service facilities including public service areas. One of vaccination drives was carried out at the Graha Sewaka Dharma Lumintang Public Service Office in Denpasar.

A total of 6 vaccination posts were established from representatives of private hospitals and the Denpasar Sanglah Central General Hospital, plus 40 vaccine providers as well as officers to carry out out data collection, screening, and officers at the observation posts. According to the Head of the Denpasar City Health Office, there are 3 locations for the Covid-19 mass vaccination activities in the city of Denpasar; with the goal of providing the jab to 3000 health workers per day.

Author: HL

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