The government has stated that it is prepared to guarantee compensation for Indonesian citizens who experience Post-Immunization Incidents (KIPI/AEFI) that lead to disability and death due to the effects of the Covid-19 vaccine.

This is stated in Presidential Regulation Number 14 of 2021 concerning Vaccine Procurement and Implementation of Vaccinations in the Context of the 2019 Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic.

In the regulation which is an amendment to Presidential Decree Number 99 of 2020 regulating the recording and reporting as well as investigations of AEFI (adverse events following immunization) that are carried out by health service facilities or health offices in accordance with statutory provisions.

The results of the investigation will be followed by a field etiology study by the Regional Committee for the Assessment and Control of AEFI and a causality study by the National Committee for the assessment and response to AEFI.

Article 15B Paragraph (1) explains that AEFI as a result of Covid-19 vaccines are based on the results of a causality study, and the cases resulting in disability or death will be entitled to compensation by the government.

“Further provisions regarding the criteria, form and value of the amount for compensation as referred to in paragraph (1) shall be stipulated by the Minister of Health after obtaining the approval of the Minister of Finance,” stated Article 15B Paragraph (3) in the Presidential Decree which was signed by President Jokowi on February 9, 2021.

The government also provides a compensation scheme in the event of an AEFI which requires treatment and medical care protocols. Medical and treatment costs are carried out with the provisions as stipulated in Article 15A Paragraph (4).

It was explained that for active National Health Insurance (JKN) program participants, medical and treatment costs would be borne through the JKN mechanism. Meanwhile, non-active JKN program participants and other program participants will be funded through other funding mechanisms sourced from the state revenue and expenditure budget which is implemented in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations in the field of state finance.

Furthermore, Article 15A Paragraph (5) also explains that for the provision of health services, if a vaccination participant is a non-active participant of the JKN program and other non-JKN program participants, shall be provided compensation equivalent to class III health services for the JKN Program.

Author: HL

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