The spokesperson from the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes), Siti Nadia Tarmizi, said that the second phase of (Covid-19) vaccinations, targettin public service workers and the elderly, will use the Covid-19 vaccine produced by state-owned PT Bio Farma.

The vaccine produced by PT Bio Farma is derived from raw materials from the Chinese company Sinovac. The vaccine, also named the ‘Covid-19 vaccine’, also received an emergency use permit (EUA) from the Food and Drug Administration (BPOM) on Tuesday (16/2).

“For those over 60 years of age and of course these public service providers, we will use the vaccination that has been produced from PT Bio Farma, namely the Covid-19 vaccine, which this afternoon has just been issued an emergency use permit,” said Nadia in an online program broadcast on Tuesday (16/2).

Nadia also asked the public not to hesitate to receive the Covid-19 vaccine because as of Tuesday (16/2), President Joko Widodo and 1,120,963 health workers had received vaccinations. In addition, vaccines have been proven to be safe and effective after receiving the blessing of BPOM as well as “halal” certification from the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI).

The vaccine is the processed product from 15 million doses in bulk form which arrived in Indonesia on January 12, and 10 million doses of bulk vaccine and 1 million doses of overfill vaccine on February 2.

Furthermore, Nadia also explained that the second phase of the vaccination program, which targets 16.9 million public service officers, will first start in seven provinces on the islands of Java and Bali. This effort is intended to maximize the goal of lowering the curve of coronavirus cases in Indonesia – which reported that 70% of cases were contributed by the islands of Java and Bali.

“For those over 60 years of age and our public service providers, of course, the biggest proportion of 70% is in Java and Bali, yes. Because indeed the case burden and death burden and the rate of transmission are high in these seven provinces. Meanwhile, the remaining 30% will be conducted outside Java and Bali,” said Nadia.

The criteria for public service workers include market traders, educators, religious leaders, people’s representatives, government officials and state civil servants (ASN).

Security workers, tourism workers, public servants such as firefighters and village officials also fall under this criteria as well as public transportation workers, athletes, journalists and the media.

Author: HL

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